About us


Colourful Rebel is more than just fashion. More than just a blog. Colourful Rebel is a mentality, a way of life.


Never heard of Colourful Rebel before? Well, that’s about to change. Colourful Rebel started just a short while ago, but we’ve learned a thing or two on this rollercoaster ride and we’re ready to take over the world!

Colourful Rebel’s founders both worked for other Dutch fashion companies before starting Colourful Rebel, but something was always missing. They decided to take matters into their own hands, to create things they liked and to guide their company by their own vision. Thus, Colourful Rebel was born.

Founded in Amsterdam in the late summer days of 2013, Colourful Rebel started off as a lifestyle magazine. Just a year later, in the early summer of 2014, we launched our fashion brand for both men and women, exploring Amsterdam’s fashion scene and people: the young and restless.