Sample Sale

18 & 19 September

World Fashion Centre


From Friday 18 September to Saturday 19 September, you can shop your favorite Colourful Rebel items from past seasons with discounts of up to 80% on almost 25,000 items. And as if that wasn't enough, we will host the event on Saturday together with the best influencers of Amsterdam!

On Friday the 18th of September you will have the first choice on the nicest items from the Colourful Rebel collections during the slots. We will continuously add to all items (as long as stocks last).

On Saturday 19 September, in addition to all Colourful Rebel collections, you will also be able to buy the coolest items from the wardrobes of influencer @lisannde_bruijn, @amakahamelijnck, @bentheliem, @brunabear, @elise.bak and @michellefleur.
On both days we will work in time slots of one hour with a maximum number of visitors per slot. So there will be a very limited number of tickets for sale so we can guarantee the safety of all visitors.

In addition, there will be mouth caps, we will take the temperature of each visitor and there are walking routes indicated. 

  • No entry without a valid ticket
  • There are no lockers available, so leave large coats at home
  • We appreciate you bringing your OWN BAG. Saves a lot of plastic bags and that's better for everyone.
  • Please bring CASH with you for a smooth handling at the checkout (PIN can sometimes take a very long time).
  • Don't come if you suffer from (mild) complaints
  • More than enough parking space
  • Items are replenished daily as long as there is stock
  • Available sizes: Women - XS to XL & Men - S to XXL
  • There will be mouth caps as well as hand sanitizers.