The Power Of History...
This collection is inspired by Feminine Romance with '90s inspired Grunge.
We combined the best of both worlds to create the ultimate Colourful Rebel feel.
Layered and comfy silhouettes, thanks to Western-inspired overshirts and gilets provide a balanced mix of rock 'n roll grunge and sophisticated boho.
Prints and patterns are inspired by historical ornaments, paisleys and patchwork to create an interesting twist. 

Colours vary from soft neutrals to darker, burned shades and are mixed with acid and stonewash denim. By using 'Tuscan Sun' yellow, this collection is ready for the first hints of spring.
We worked on our all-time favourite, rock-inspired artwork tees aiming for newness by creating new fresh designs of which we're sure they will steal your heart.

Lets Rebel, let's get ready for a new start by celebrating the power of history.