The Card Mindreading

The Effect

You ask your friend to think of any of the five playing cards on the front of your shirt, but to not go for the most obvious one. You then proceed to read their mind and prove them that you knew what card they would go for!

The Secret

This trick uses two concepts: statistics and multiple predictions. First, let's delve into statistics.

When people have a free choice between these five cards their choice is not completely random. Some cards are more likely to be chosen than others. Especially when you tell them not to go for the obvious choice. In this specific case, most people will choose the four of hearts. Here's why:

  • Most people will not pick the first, middle or last card, because this feels too obvious to most people.
  • Most people will pick either the second or the fourth card, but the second card is the only black card, therefore the fourth card (four of hearts) will feel like the best, most random choice to most people.

After they have selected a card, you should therefore say: "You’re thinking of the four of hearts, aren’t you?" If they confirm, the trick is over and you succesfullty demonstrated that you are a mindreader!

But what if your psychological force didn’t work? What if they picked any of the other four cards? No worries! You explain that you were kidding about the mindreading and mentioning the four of hearts, but that you did predict the outcome of the playing card they have in their mind, by printing it in your shirt.

If they chose the ace of diamonds you show them the washing label.

And if they chose the nine of diamonds you ask them to count the diamonds on the back of your shirt.

If they chose the king of hearts you flip up your left sleeve.

If they chose the seven of clubs you show the label in your neck.

Of course you should only perform this trick once. The spectator should never be aware of the fact that you are wearing multiple predictions in your trickshirt. Good luck and have fun!

The Polaroid Prediction

The Effect

You tell your spectator that you have a prediction in the front pocket of your shirt and that you are going to give them a chance to find out what the prediction is about.

You turn your back towards them and show them that you have twelve polaroids printed on the back. All have a different city on them. You instruct them to select a random photo by following these steps:

1: Mentally select any one of the color photos, and then place your index finger on this photo
2: Move horizontally to the left or the right and place your finger on the nearest black and white photo
3: Now, move up or down and place your finger on the nearest color photo
4: Now, move diagonally and place your finger on the nearest black and white photo
5: To conclude, move your finger once more to the left or the right to the nearest color photo

Depending on the steps they chose to make, they landed on any random city. Or did they?

During the selection proces you secretely unzip the front pocket and now you turn back around and show the Eiftel tower underneath. And yes, Paris is the city your spectator is thinking of! Your prediction is 100% correct every time!

The Secret

The secret to this illusion lies in logic: whatever location the spectator chose to start from, they will always end up in Paris. Try it yourself. Whatever free decisions you make, the end result stays the same. Magic!

The Subliminal Message

The Effect

For this effect you ask your spectator to think of any two digit number. Have them add these two digits up and substract that number from their original number. For example, if they chose 21, they would substract 3 (2+1) from 21. And 21-3 = 18.

You then turn around and show them that you have 100 different icons printed on the back of your shirt of the most common words people need to use when travelling abroad. Ask them to look at the icon under the number they came up with and remember it.

Now when you turn back around, you ask them to name what was on the icon they were thinking of. They say "cocktail". You then fold the front of your shirt, revealing the word on it. By folding the two bottom stars onto the two top stars on the front of your shirt the word "cocktail" will be best visible:

The Secret

The secret to this illusion lies in mathematics. When following your steps, the spectator will always end up with a number that is a multiple of nine (9, 18, 27, 36 etc...). If you look closely at the grid of icons on the back of the shirt you will notice that these numbers all have a picture of a cocktail glass under them. You sneaky bastard!